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Incorporation of dead tissue into SCP-511 does not appear to slow the normal process of decay. Different areas of SCP-511 undergo different stages of biodegradation at any given time; some areas show little more than lividity, while other areas may show active carrion insect infestation, and some areas may even show liquefaction of tissues. At twenty days, D-7856 begins capturing SCP-511-1 and [DATA EXPUNGED] is only discovered when a Foundation research team enters for routine specimen collection 48 hours later. The team discovers remains from 37 separate SCP-511-1 collected in the kitchen. It is typically coated with dirt, blood and fecal matter, making its fur appear black despite its actual coloring. No one can turn around, so we back out, all those eyes watching us. (Tests have shown SCP-511’s fur to actually be a random patchwork of various feline coat patterns, colors, and lengths.) SCP-511’s mass varies from 10kg to over 50kg, roughly in proportion to the number of SCP-511-1 in the associated colony. Date: 08/27/19██ Location: Site 511-█, ████ Evergreen Way, ██████████, California.

Ulcerated skin is common, as are parasitic infestations, tumors, and various viral and bacterial infections. Agent ████████: We were tasked to retrieve a 40 kilo…

Several observations have been made of an SCP-511-1 retrieving biomass from elsewhere and bringing it to SCP-511 to be incorporated.

Addendum 1: Incident report of containment breach at Site 511-█ Document# I-511-11 Personnel involved: D-7856, male subject 35 years of age.

It will continually scavenge its immediate area for new biomass to incorporate into itself, displacing and expelling matter that has decayed past mechanical usefulness. You already got reduced mobility from the hazmat suit, got fifty kilos of gear, and you’re walking into a house that has two or three decades worth of garbage in it. Agent ████████: We have ████ chest high in places, cats everywhere, and spaces so tight that we have to go single file. According to the briefing, it would be attracted to freshly dead…

Examples of SCP-511-1 resemble ordinary that have undergone extreme neglect. We have cat ████ ankle deep in places, trash bags split open, piles of soggy newspaper and junk mail, boxes of clothes, furniture that looked like it exploded, and ███████ cats everywhere— eyes everywhere— Dr. No way a guy in full gear can turn around, and forget the containment unit.

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